MLP Fleece Hat with Hooves Scarf

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Hoovie, the hood with hooves!
"Wolf Hat"-style My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cosplay hood

A Wolf-Hat style hood for MLP Cosplay! All hoods include hoof-shaped pockets, hair style, and (in the case of unicorns) a horn.

This new design is called a "Hoovie" - the hood with hooves! Perfect for cosplaying or cool weather. Hoovies are a creation from Ask Cosplay Senpai - you won't find them anywhere else!

These hats are made of microfleece and are fully lined. The ears and hairstyle are sewn on, and detail is added with thread. The hats are stretchy and will fit pretty much everyone. Each is hand-made upon ordering, so the exact shape of the hair styling will vary slightly.

The hooves can be used as gloves or pockets, or even a scarf!

Name your prefered character in the custom section. OC Customs are possible, but may take slightly longer, please email to inquire.

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